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Some articles of interest for Homeschooling Dads as well as working fathers:

  • Family Passes 30,000 Miles Homeschooling In RV
    by Mark
    Crossing 15 states from Maine down to Florida and across to Texas in a motorhome, this family has turned homeschooling into roadschooling. This family of four, along with their dog, is gearing up for the remaining 35 states. Read More

  • School, 24-7?
    by Matthew Henry
    When did you stop learning? Did it happen in high school? College? When the bell rang for that last time in that last class, were you finished? Walking across that aisle with the tasseled hat and garb, did you say, wow, it's finished? Read More

  • 85% of Public Schooled Children Leaving Church Forever
    by Alan Melton
    Between 85% and 88% of K-12 public schooled children are leaving the church, never to return, according to two recently conducted studies. Read More

  • Why Some Christian Families Choose Public Schooling
    by Alan Melton
    Many Christian parents today are deciding to place their children in public schools, in spite of the growing trend towards homeschooling. These parents deeply care about their children, and thoughtfully armed with information available in their churches and communities, they choose the local public school. In this article we will examine these reasons, and offer alternative considerations. Read More

  • Busyness: The Thief of Family Memories
    by Alan Melton
    “Seventeen summers” said the busy father, wistfully describing the memory of his oldest child growing up. He continued, “We get seventeen summer vacations, and then our children are gone.” His statement stung me as I thought about my own family experience. Read More

  • Abnormality, Thy Name is Homeschool
    by Steve Kellmeyer
    For most Americans, homeschooling seems rather odd. Why bother with it? We have had public and private schools with us all of our lives, as have our parents before us and their parents before them from time immemorial. Why not stick with what works? The thought would be touching, if it were historically accurate. It isn’t. Read More

  • In Patrick Henry's Footsteps
    by Kevin Swanson - executive director of the Colorado Home School Association
    One-hundred and twenty years ago, when Laura Ingalls Wilder walked into her one-room schoolhouse, there were no police officers in the hallways, and not a single arrest made the entire school year. A police officer in Colorado Springs recently told me that he makes an arrest a day at a high school in that city. Read More

  • Public Education Isn't Preparing Teens
    by J. Michael Smith - HSLDA President
    Bill Gates has declared American high schools "obsolete." In a Feb. 26 speech to the National Education Summit on High Schools, he said "our high schools — even when they're working exactly as designed — cannot teach our kids what they need to know today." Read More

  • Lessons from the Pit
    by Jim Werner -- Circle Christian School
    This weekend my two youngest sons and I had the task of cleaning up the volleyball pit at our home. The “pit” has been a family favorite for many years because it has provided so much fun and entertainment. Read More

  • Respect For Our Flag
    by Bart Buskey -- Fatherville.com
    I just wanted to give out a poem that I found. It is interesting to note that there are so many people who don't respect the flag of the United States of America. Read More

  • Teaching Different Grade Levels
    by Bart Buskey -- Fatherville.com
    You have probably asked, "How do I home school more than one child in different grades?" Read More

  • The War Against Boys
    by Kevin Swanson
    You may have seen a recent news headline: "New scientific research indicates - Boys are Different from Girls." That assertion should be laughably obvious to the rest of us, but what is laughably obvious happens also to be a serious flaw in the predominant worldview operational today. Unfortunately, we have not taking this basic assumption into account in the education of our children. Read More

  • My Child Just Doesn't Get It
    by Bart Buskey -- Fatherville.com
    The class is going to move forward whether one or two students understands it or not. Read More

  • Christmas Break
    by Bart Buskey -- Fatherville.com
    As you know most schools have a two week vacation. Some children have homework to do during this time. So, what should we do as homeschoolers? Read More

  • A Father and Son
    by Kevin Swanson
    I sit here in the car driving home from the office. My twelve year old son sits next to me and I think back on the years in which our relationship developed into what it is today. Read More

  • School In The Summer
    by Bart Buskey -- Fatherville.com
    Here it is summer time. Yeah, no more school. Time to relax and take it easy. Well, that is what you think. Read More

  • Questions Asked Of Homeschoolers
    by Bart Buskey -- Fatherville.com
    If you are like me and many others who homeschool you have been asked by friends and family, "Aren't you sending your kids to school?" Then when they find out that you are schooling them yourself they say, "They sure are missing out learning to socialize with other kids their own age. They just aren't living in the real world." Read More

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