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Family Passes 30,000 Miles Homeschooling In RV
by Mark Gregorich

Crossing 15 states from Maine down to Florida and across to Texas in a motorhome, this family has turned homeschooling into roadschooling. This family of four, along with their dog, is gearing up for the remaining 35 states.

While homeschooling their two sons, they have camped in 15 different states and traveled a total of 30,603 miles so far. That is the combined mileage between the motorhome and their tow vehicle which they use for the local trips. Now they are preparing to journey on all the way up to Alaska in their RV.

The first leg of their journey took them from Florida to Maine and back for the Christmas holidays. Then they began their westward journey and are now in Texas. The distance traveled in the RV from campground to campground is 13,696 miles. Then once they have setup camp, the Gregorich's go exploring the area in their Chevy Blazer which they pull behind the RV. They have put 16,907 miles on their Blazer while exploring the areas around the campground and visiting the different sites.

The Gregorich family began their American RV adventure back in Orlando, Florida on September 28th, 2005. Mark and Cricket sold their house and almost all their belongings last year after purchasing their 36 foot 2005 National Sea Breeze motorhome so they could travel across the United States. They had already been homeschooling their two sons, now in the third and fifth grades, for two years. Then after a career move by Cricket allowed her to stay home as well, they decided to buy the RV and go on the road.

"It has been a great experience," said Mark. "Even the kids are getting an education without having to do school work."

Now this isn't an extra long extended summer vacation for the boys. The two boys do have their regular 3rd and 5th grade homeschool curriculum through the Alpha-Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse software which generally takes them 2-4 hours each day to complete. And they also get hands-on education by visiting the different historical landmarks along the way.

"We studied the American Revolution while in Boston and learned about the Civil War in Gettysburg," said Cricket. "They even learned of the assassination of JFK from the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas."

The Gregorich's also make it a point to visit every state capital when they travel. They have even been able to sit in the gallery and listen to some actual state legislators debating issues.

Where do they go from here? Their goal is to visit all 50 states before the end of 2006. To follow along in their "American RV Homeschooling Adventure", you can visit their website at www.awaywego.us. There you'll find lots of photos and stories of their activities. They even have a message board where you can say hi as well as signup to receive email updates of their RV travels.

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