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Christmas Break
by Bart Buskey

It is hard to believe that it is Christmas time. I am thinking about all that food to eat, presents to open, and being with family. But, what do I do about my kids schooling?

As you know most schools have a two week vacation. Some children have homework to do during this time. So, what should we do as homeschoolers?

I don't know about you, but I NEED A BREAK! No, I am not going insane, but I need a little time off from a day of teaching regular school.

I do plan on giving my boys some time off as well. But, I think it is important that they keep on learning. There is so much for them to learn that doesn't require them to be in the classroom. Have your children go outside and find different rocks, or leaves. Have them make a list of the plants that grow in the wintertime. If you have a lot of clouds outside, and you have been discussing the different formation of clouds, see if they can remember what they have learned.

I think it is important that they still do some inside school work during this time. I suggest getting them a workbook. Have them find a few pages in their math book that they think will be fun but don't grade it. Have them do one page of math a day, plus some small science projects. Have them write letters to family and friends. During the week of Christmas go over the history of Christmas. There is much to learn about Christmas. Ask your children to write a report about their favorite Christmas and read it as a report in front of family members.

It is important that you do take some time off. You have been working hard at teaching and taking care of the household. You need to recuperate. Your children need to have a break from you as a teacher and the regular school schedule.

I would like to encourage you to read my article in the Stay at Home Father section.

This is my last article of the year and I am going to take a little break from Fatherville as well. Thank you for reading my articles. I will still be available on the chat room or by email.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in February when I will start writing articles again.

Bart Buskey, Meridian, Idaho - Fatherville Contributer

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