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School In The Summer
by Bart Buskey

Here it is summer time. Yeah, no more school. Time to relax and take it easy. Well, that is what you think.

I am still doing a little teaching. I have bought my sons some books that are fun to do that review what they have done this last year. My oldest is having a hard time in math so I am having him tutored once a week. The school that we do is only one hour per day and not always every day.

We get really excited about taking time off from teaching, but believe it or not this is not the time for us to quit teaching. Our kids are outside playing and they see something or touch something and then they get curious and ask us many questions. Of course, we have absolutely no idea on the answers to give them. It is time to educate our selves. The nice thing is that we can learn with our children the things we don't know. It is important that they know that we do not know it all. I would suggest using the internet or going to your local library.

This would be fun for both you and your children to do school together. It also teaches the children how to use the internet or how to use a library. I highly recommend that you do not let your children use the internet without your supervision. There is a lot of trash that they can accidentally get into.

Right now my sons are into spiders. I personally hate spiders. But, God made these wonderful creatures for a reason. My sons are interested in how silk is made which helps the spiders make their webs.

I went to Yahoo and went to the kid section. Here is what I found:


It was quite interesting for my boys. Of course they wanted copies so I copied about 20 pages, because each were interested in different information. They have to share what they have and we will go over it later. We also killed a big spider that crawled onto my wife's foot that made her scream. The spider went flying in the air. Do to circumstances beyond it's control it deceased when a shoe came upon it. We are going to look at the uninvited guest under our cheap microscope that we bought at Toys R Us.

The reason I am writing this is that as the educators within our households it is important that we listen to what interests our children. This is a great time for us to teach them the things that they are interested in. This could be their science for the summer.

It is more fun for them to learn something that they are interested in at that time, then to try to teach it to them when they are not interested at all. This only encourages their interest in school and learning. A lot of times they do not even realize they are doing school, because it is so much fun. It is not just fun for them, but it can be fun for you as well.

I hope you have a good summer.

Kids first.

Bart Buskey, Meridian, Idaho - Fatherville Contributer

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